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Soul Level Astrology
Soul Level Astrology was developed by Master Astrologer Mark Borax.  Through his mystery school studies with William Lonsdale and his own practice as an astrologer, Mark has accessed a way of seeing and reading the birth chart unlike any other I have experienced.  Soul Level Astrology offers a way into the astrological chart that stirs the soul, awakening it to soul agreements made across lifetimes and to this lifetime’s specific gifts and challenges.  After my first reading with Mark, I knew I had been deeply “seen” through the lens of my soul nature.  The blueprint I created for myself through the placement of planets at the time of my birth was unfurled for me.  And I wanted to understand more about how it is possible to see the chart patterns like this, so that I can witness others in the same way.

Susan Rossi
I am a long-time explorer of The Mysteries – the connections between mind, body, and spirit and how to flow in good relationship with the energies that stream through the cosmos.  I have devoted myself to investigating the many doorways into consciousness, awareness and the power of co-creation.  This has included working in multiple modalities connecting body, mind and spirit.  Each modality awakened a curiosity about the territory of the “next” step: from Reiki Master and reflexologist to hypnotherapist to yoga teacher to shamanic practitioner and teacher.  Co-creating with Spirit through shamanism brought me to painting as a spiritual practice.  This is an on-going dance with the cosmos, inviting its energies to stream through the portal of a canvas! I am always amazed at the images that appear.  It opened my awareness to how the planets create focus by entering and arranging themselves in unique patterns in a birth chart.

My work with shamanic clients, karma and ancestral lineage healing sparked a curiosity about how energies from past lives create gifts and challenges in the current life.  After a Soul Level Astrology reading with Mark, I was gifted with a way to deepen that exploration.

I completed a 2-1/2 year program of study in Soul Level Astrology with Master Astrologer Mark Borax.  I am currently pursing advanced studies with him and Marcella Eversole.

I work with clients as an astrologer, coach, ceremonialist and guide to the wisdom and beauty that each of us holds.  My focus and passion are on guiding you to rediscover and remember that inner wisdom and to see the gifts and challenges held in the blueprint of this life.  I delight in exploring the planetary pattern under which a soul chose to incarnate and would love to scout the mysteries of your birth chart with you.

“Recognizing the unknown element and making room for it to emerge in its own rhythm, pattern and meaning. Giving expression to that which nobody has yet come to.  Being permitted by a fortunate destiny to move out beyond in awareness and sense all kinds of alternatives and parallel worlds and cosmic streams…”  (Mars’ degree in Susan’s natal chart, and the chart place where she connects to Spirit, from Star Sparks by Elias Lonsdale).

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