At the moment of your birth, the incarnational pattern for your life appeared in the planetary arrangement in your natal chart – an exact pattern that is uniquely yours.   The birth chart is a map of the territory your soul wants to travel in this lifetime.  There is support for your journey in exploring the plan you designed – the gifts and challenges.  Remember, and engage your intentions for this lifetime as mapped in your birth chart.


“The chart is…a conduit to inner nature…a road map, a point of departure, a tunnel to something vast and powerful…”
~Elias Lonsdale 

I found my reading with Susan to be very helpful and informative.  I’ve had other astrological readings done, and this one was the most understandable in layman’s terms and practicality that I’ve ever had.  I loved starting with why I incarnated and how the planets line up to help me fulfill my purpose.  I very much appreciated the positive way Susan had of interpreting every aspect, and I especially liked knowing what these things mean and how they influence my every day life.  I highly recommend this experience.

Katherine Wood, co-author with Sandra Ingerman of The Hidden Worlds, to be published July 2018


Katherine Wood

What I found most amazing about my soul astrology reading with Susan Rossi was the confirmation of my life choices. My interests were clear to me at an early age, but they were at odds with my family and the cultural roles I was expected to conform to. So I was often perplexed about where my true self came from. With insight and clarity, Susan explained what she saw in my chart. I felt affirmed and validated, I am living the life my soul destined. What a relief!

Gail W.